One solution to streamline your business.

Get automation at every step, reduce waste and time, and control your business from where ever you are.

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Integrated Ordering Tools

Use APIs and SDKs for integrated, cloud-based orders.
Integrate with:


Automated Pre-Press

Automated complex or tedious file preparations.
Optimize pre-flighting for due date and cost reduction.

  • EPM checker
  • File prep & imposition
  • Batching
  • Pre-flighting


Optimized Printing

Push to Print. Send to any hot folder, HP or non-HP device.
Dynamic, automated scheduling keeps your press running
longer and stopping less.


Automated Assembly
& Finishing

Track and automate each product’s steps through
product workplans, barcodes and detailed station


Order Consolidation &
Integrated Shipping

Consolidate items to reduce shipping costs. Integrate current
major shipping accounts and automate shipping label creation.

Reaching Demand Has Never Been Easier

HP Site Flow users automatically join the HP Print Network to localize global delivery. Brands interested in
expanding use HP’s network to send global orders through for localized printing and the distribution.

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