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Integrate effortlessly with simple onboarding tools

Differentiate yourselves from your competition with a unique customer experience by enabling your customers to submit work 24 hours a day from practically ANY system, including:

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Make ordering easy for everyone

Brand Centre is part of all HP Site Flow packages and provides brands, content owners, and print service providers a web portal enabling easy management, tracking and order ingest.

  • Automatically route orders based on product or geography
  • Complete line-of-sight of order status and activity
  • Build your own “print network” to support outsourcing and diversification.
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Grow your own print network

Brand Centre can also help PSPs build their own “print networks” to manage outsourcing and diversification of their product offering all within one single interface.

  • Distribute orders to your own production site or send out to vendors
  • Automatically route and track status of external orders
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Site Flow has made it easier for us to onboard customers and provide customers faster production, processing and delivery time.