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Optimize Print Production with Batching

HP Site Flow allows print shops to batch thousands of individual orders received each month into fewer, larger print jobs that can be ran more efficiently through the production process.

How it works

  • Create business rules based on criteria such as finishing method or paper type
  • Incoming orders are organized based on product and specifications automatically
  • Like items are grouped into larger jobs based on commonality and configurable batch rules
  • Barcodes are added to reduce errors, provide accurate tracking, and ensure smooth dispatch

Unlock Further Cost Savings Through Smart Impositions

Smart impositions allow PSPs to place more jobs on fewer sheets or gang them onto one larger sheet size. This can save hard costs in three ways.

  • Minimizes utilization of your digital presses
  • Removes labor costs for preparing the layouts
  • Lowers material consumption
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Make Your Scheduling Dynamic, Intelligent and Automated

The Dynamic Scheduling feature in HP Site Flow automates the initial planning of work based on due dates/SLAs, receives updates as work progresses through the shop, and allows operators to make late-stage changes as the need arises.